The logo of Amazon is seen at the company logistics center in Lauwin-Planque, northern France, February 20, 2017. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol is in the process of eliminating Counterfeit Goods from its market in a few months from now. This is being done as a part of ensuring the brand owners that the marketplace is an Ally and not a danger.


We need not wait longer for this process to get activated on Amazon. As early as the coming month, any organization can register its logo, as well as property with Amazon so that the tech giant can take down on the listings and sellers’ accounts whenever counterfeits are marked as flagged. This is the confirmed statement of Peter Faricy, the Vice President of

As such, this brand registry is only in the testing phase now and will be available for free on the North American continent. This move is more or less similar to the e-commerce giant’s efforts to court less important third party sellers. The organization is currently taking a commission for retail dealings it supports. Also, it retails profitable fulfillment, as well as marketing services to the third parties.

As we could see, some fraudulent sellers have sold defective and/or discounted varieties of reliable goods, prompting lawsuits against few sellers on the marketplace. On the other hand, some sellers even said that they are afraid that e-commerce store would have too much control of their sales procedure or would produce its own private-label copies of the top-selling products to sell to the shoppers at low prices.

But, according to Peter Faricy, the data doesn’t prove this claim! He also said that third-party sellers have grown in the website to about 50% of units sold on Amazon.

The feature of access to the marketplace’s >300 million customers has enabled more 100,000 sellers to earn at least 100,000 USD/seller through Amazon last year. In addition, the company’s fulfillment services have made costly deliveries every day thereby, producing reasonable income for smaller sellers.

Anyone from shoppers, brands, or even Amazon itself can mark the counterfeit goods as flagged by using the brand registry. Furthermore, Amazon also offers the brands a scheme called ‘Transparency’, which provide the brands the labeled packages with passcodes so that the buyer can perform a cross-check against the official information.

Faircy also said that hard efforts against the counterfeit goods are only in initial stages and the journey will be ever continuing.

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