On Monday, Aug 8th, 2017, Amazon did a category wide normalization process and removed Beauty Category from the Restricted Categories List.

Now sellers are not required to obtain specific approvals from Amazon to sell under Beauty Category. It’s a wide open to all the sellers on Amazon USA Market Place.

Since Sunday Evening, Majority of the sellers were getting this “No Restriction Error”

Further contact with Amazon, We have got the following updates from Seller Central Support Team. Today, [Aug 8th] Morning Amazon has sent the wide notice to all of the North American Support Staff about this policy change.

Response #1 :

“As per our conversation, we discussed, rather the Beauty category is a Restricted category or not. You stated that you were trying to apply for permission to list in the Beauty category but it was giving you a notice that you did not need to apply anymore. This is because the Beauty category has been removed from the Restricted category list. You will no longer need permission to list your items in that category. The help pages and a few other things have not been updated yet because this change has just taken effect. I do apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused you.”

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Response #2:

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

Thank you for your application to list products in the Beauty category.

I’m pleased to inform you that we have approved your request and given you permission to sell in this category. Now seller’s does not require approval to sell in beauty category as Beauty category is removed in North America marketplace as per Amazon New Policy, however, ASINs will now be gated individually or by attribute(sub-category) only.

If you want to list any product that does not require any specific approval, you will be able to list without going through any application and if you want to list any product which requires approval they need to apply for individual product only through Add a product tool.

Going Forward, Restrictions are applicable to ASIN level not at the top category approvals. Though Beauty & Personal Care, Health & House Hold
categories are open to all the sellers, you may need to require sub categories approvals like Topicals, Dietary Supplements, Sports & Nutrition, OTC
Medication and so on based on your product/ASIN.

We need to wait for a couple of days to learn more about this new policy change to find out how far this change will help the Amazon Sellers.

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