To become an Amazon Top Seller is not easy!

We, at AMZ Trainer, are not only providing specialized training on Amazon Business but also thriving to bring in some interesting news from time to time. Today, we have come up with one of the interesting topics. Do you think becoming a top seller on Amazon is easy? For those who are thinking ‘yes’ for this, there are some shocking results for you. Just read on…

This article is all about the research results about the top sellers on Amazon marketplace. The research saw how many top sellers have joined the marketplace in the past one year. Shockingly, the results showed that it took some time for the sellers to top the list.

In a total of 10,000 sellers, it was observed that only 5.6% was joined during the one-year time. In this, 0% was in the top 10, only 1% was in the top 100, just 1.5% was in the top 1,000, as mentioned above only 5.6% was in the top 10,000, and finally, 22.3% was in the top 100,000 list.

Key Findings:

There are two findings in these results.

  1. Firstly, the sellers are able to form a long-lasting business relationship with Amazon. As you should be aware, Amazon’s fee, particularly FBA, is constantly changing. There is an issue of counterfeit goods also, which is yet to be solved. Furthermore, building long-lasting private label brands is not solved yet. In spite of all these, lots of sellers are doing business with Amazon for years.
  2. Secondly, as mentioned above, to become a top seller on Amazon will take time. This is most commonly impacted by the access to capital/credit lines as for the productive retailers. This is found to be the only growth limiting factor. Of all the sellers, few are found to be already having an established business whereas, most of them are found to be starting new on Amazon and grow over years. This gap makes the difference!

One thing to be mentioned here is the market dominance of Amazon. It doesn’t have to market itself anymore to attract new sellers. There is a lot of interest among sellers already. By launching a stable base of top sellers, Amazon has ensured that catalog remains in stock. As you are aware, several hundreds of sellers are joining Amazon every day of which most of them are just noise. A majority of the sales are being done by the old sellers.

During the past one year, almost 700,000 new sellers have joined the marketplace out of which <30% has ever got a sale and <10% is selling today.

So, we can conclude that becoming a top seller on Amazon isn’t easy. It takes some time. But, the sellers who continue to sell on Amazon for years can become top sellers!