Health & Personal Care – No More a Gated Category! Huge News for Amazon Sellers

Health & Personal Care is one of the toughest categories to get ungated out of all the gated categories in the Amazon Ecosystem.

A majority of the sellers were getting the following errors since 5th April 2017 while trying to get approval for Health & Personal Care Category.

Amazon quietly changed their website and removed “Health & Personal Care” from the Gated category link.

Their traditional “Categories and Products Requiring Approval” link is still broken and showing “Health & Personal Care” as a Gated Category.

Amazon may change the category naming conventions too. “Health & Personal care”  would be named as ” Health & HouseHold”, “Beauty” has been renamed to “Beauty & Personal Care”.

Amazon Category Normalization

Basically, Amazon is normalizing their catalog system and moving majority of the “Personal Care” products into “Beauty” Category.

We are waiting for more updates from Amazon to confirm this news. As of now, if you are doing Retail Arbitrage/Online Arbitrage you can add your own product under this category. Look for the new category name: “Health & House Hold”.

This is a BIG NEWS for all the existing sellers to expand their focus into “Health & HouseHold” Category.

Happy Selling.

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