Selling on Amazon – Must-know Things

Amazon is a great marketplace to kick-start selling. But, all the products aren’t succeeding in this. This is just because the seller is unaware of few important things about selling on Amazon. To ensure the success of your product, read the following article. Here, I’ve come up with few must-know things about selling on Amazon. This would surely prepare you for the selling process. So, just read on…

Know your Buy Box:

While searching for a product on Amazon, the buyers will visit the product’s main page. There, they are most likely to check the ‘offers’ right below the product description so as to view the majority of merchants. Also, understand that Amazon gives the opportunity for the sellers to compete for the ‘Buy Box’. Here’s where the larger part of Amazon’s business takes place and it’s a must-know thing for a seller. In simple terms, it’s a box on the product page where buyers would begin their buying process!

Winning your Buy Box:

Having known that Buy Box is a key feature of the marketplace, you might be wondering whether you can really win that. With lots of sellers offering the same product, it’s not very easy to become the featured seller. But, there’s no harm in knowing about the process. Most of the things that are valued by Amazon will be falling into the boundary of e-commerce best practices and so, it’s possible for you to achieve it by putting the best efforts. The factors that are found to be affecting this are many and include:

  • Competitive pricing for both product and shipping costs
  • Competing offers
  • History of the merchant on Amazon
  • Seller reviews on the merchant on Amazon

Apart from these, there are several other factors and they can be read by searching articles on how to optimize sales on Amazon online. The golden standard is to make sure that all the transactions you make through Amazon smoother, which means you deliver your products on time alongside communicating with the buyers.

Furthermore, there are two ways to cut-short your route towards becoming a featured seller. First is to sell a product with minimal competition so as to enhance your ranking. And the second way is to try offering a highly competitive price on a very popular product.

Knowing Fulfillment by Amazon:

This is a program by Amazon in which you can send your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers for stocking. When the buyers buy your products, Amazon will ship them. Using this, you can concentrate on other factors to run your business making Amazon take care of shipping and customer service. This program also has the perks of elongating the reach of your merchandise to the subscribers of Amazon Prime. Thus, you will get an extra push towards winning your Buy Box even if you are tagging a higher price.

In this, note that Volusion will give you the ability to set various shipping choices like dropshipping thereby, providing you the flexibility while trying to use this program.

Much-benefited Merchants on Amazon:

It’s important for you to know the much-benefited types of merchants on Amazon in order to perform well there. As such, three types of merchants are found to be performing well. They are the ones who sell unique-to-them products, hobby/niche products, and refurbished/used products. Having said this, I’d also like to mention here that, the stores having their own websites will have an additional layer of credibility, as well as an authority here. Several sellers who achieved popularity on this marketplace are still found to have their own website with e-commerce options. This enables to act as an independent store and market outside of Amazon.

Associating a product with an existing product:

You need to associate your product with an already existing product because Amazon allows products to be listed only once in their catalog and hence, if you create it the second time, it will be shown as ‘removed list’. By associating with the existing product, there are possibilities that your product is seen.

Initial Shipping Restrictions:

Most often, sellers tend to ask why certain shipping can’t be used by them. For instance, you will not be allowed to use two-day shipping when you are new. It’s to be understood that some shipping options are to be earned from Amazon by establishing a record of reliable shipping while using the slow shipping methods.

Shipping Compensations:

Some sellers are asking why they aren’t correctly compensated for shipping. Know that Amazon fixes the shipping costs depending on the seller’s origin, buyer’s address, and weight of the product. However, more often we can see that Amazon isn’t reimbursing the actual shipping costs.

Increasing Seller Reviews:

First, know that the sellers are prohibited from paying/soliciting for reviews. If you are doing this, then you are sure to be fired. Therefore, the best way is to make your customers feel great about your service in all the aspects. This would encourage them to give you a review.

Policies to Check:

If you ask me to give me the list of policies to check before starting to sell, then I’d suggest the following pages:

  • Product detail page rules
  • Shipping policies
  • Policies and agreements
  • Selling policies
  • Prohibited seller activities and actions

Finally, I’d advise you to first get to know your business completely before entering Amazon. Ultimately, integrating into this giant marketplace will give you the fruit of success if you get to know the aforementioned must-knows. Overall, this would be a great way to kick-start!

From the above article, you should have understood that Amazon can’t be learning through a Simple Course. It’s a journey, which requires ongoing learning. To learn more the Amazon business, look at the Amz Trainer website.