Creating a Store and Selling Products on Amazon, the giant marketplace has beaten the private stores and other online alternatives in attracting the sellers to start a business online. With over 95 million distinct visitors every month, Amazon is the best online business to start. No matter whether you are looking to improve your sales or just looking to unload products you longer need, selling products on Amazon could be the ideal way. This statement is not just for fun or without any backing reports. This is being said because Amazon is enjoying a positive reputation among its customers and the sellers who sell online on Amazon are able to build brand recognition for their businesses.

Depending on the selections you make, using a reputed online marketplace could make your fulfillment process easier, especially for the new and small businesses. Amazon will not only interact with your customers on your behalf but also it would save your time when at the same time protecting your personal and private information. Moreover, it would also handle the whole shipping process including returns. This enables the owners to focus more on building their businesses.

Creating a Store:

So, how to sell on Amazon? Before starting to sell your products online, you need to create a store via ‘Seller Central’. As a seller, you will be given the option of creating an account either as an individual or a professional. If you are an individual seller, you can list your products for free of cost whereas, the professional sellers would need to pay $39.99 per month plus extra costs depending on the value of the final sale. The individual sellers would have to pay $0.99 per product sold plus some variable fee depending on the product category.

At present, individual sellers are given the privilege of selling products in about twenty categories. On the other hand, the professional sellers can sell goods in over fifteen extra categories. The categories in which individuals can sell goods include:

  • Books
  • Consumer electronics
  • Tools
  • Home improvement
  • Toys and games

In contrast to this, the professional sellers have to meet the prerequisites for selling in the following categories:

  • Beauty products
  • Clothing
  • Fine art
  • Wine

So, the individuals who are wondering how to sell products on Amazon must first determine which type of account is suitable for you. As a newcomer, you should be applying using your e-mail and password. For the business accounts, you need to be supplying your business name, business contact info, credit card info and TIN. Then, you will be asked to verify your contact number with an auto-generated four-digit pin. In general, these steps are faster and the sellers can put their things for sale on Amazon immediately.

Listing Products on Amazon:

Now, you must be wondering how to do business with Amazon. As mentioned above, you must list your items on the marketplace. For this, you need to perform a search in Amazon’s database for the category that best suits your product. Keywords for search may be something like the book/movie title or just the name of the product. Alternatively, you can also search using your ISBC, UPC, or ASIN.

Unlike the other marketplaces like eBay and Craiglist, Amazon doesn’t allow you to list any item. It will ask you find a similar product in the database. If you couldn’t find a similar product, there’s a procedure for creating a new product page. It’s to be noted here that new products would often require an additional approval from the Amazon itself before your listing is live.

Now, let’s move on to the general process. Once you located a similar product, you will be asked to enter the quality information. It’s important that you are truthful and accurate in entering this information. You will have to choose between the following options:

  • New
  • Used-like new
  • Used-very good
  • Used-good
  • Used-acceptable

Here, you can also provide any notes pertinent to the details of the product.

It’s widely accepted that one of the most significant steps in selling products on Amazon is setting prices. However, here you will have the opportunity to view what other merchants are charging for the similar products. If you want to make a sure sale, you can list your products at a lower price (along with shipping) compared to your competitors. Then, you’ll be prompted to prescribe whether you want to handle shipping by yourself or seeking Amazon’s help in this regard.

After making all the necessary edits, you need to click ‘Submit listing’ to make your product live on Amazon. Then, you can manage your orders on your Seller Central.

 Fulfillment Service:

You need to know about the service that is being offered by Amazon called ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’. As an exchange for the fee you pay on Amazon, they are handling everything right from your order processing to product returns. Such items will also be listed on Amazon Prime shipping promotions thereby, giving an extra edge to your sales.

Amazon Webstores:

Few professionals are found to be running ‘Amazon Webstores’. With this, they are able to personalize the themes and colors when at the same time being able to include their own domain names. Most often, these people would ask Amazon to manage the fulfillment. At present, this feature is available only for existing webstore sellers, not for newcomers.

Featured Seller:

Many people ask me for the best way to sell on Amazon. For them, I’d say the best way is to become the featured seller. Although there is no streamlined route to becoming a featured merchant, this status can be achieved by the sellers with exceptional feedback and strong sale records.

The featured sellers are not only enjoying an increased favor with buyers but also receiving a better position on the product pages. These sellers may also get promoted to Buy Box. When you are able to win this, you will get a default sale whenever a customer clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Here, it’s to be noted that only the professional sellers will be qualified to become featured sellers.

Final Thoughts:

For all the people who are wondering on how to start business online, I’d say Amazon is the best place to start. It’s because Amazon is offering several benefits to the sellers which include the opportunity to expand your sales when at the same time streamlining your shipping process. If you are able to make an accurate listing with competitive price, you are sure to attain success with Amazon.

From the above article, you should have understood that Amazon can’t be learning through a Simple Course. It’s a journey, which requires ongoing learning. To learn more the Amazon business, look at the Amz Trainer website.