Many of these Sourcing Agents are freelancers and they are NOT professionals. So make sure to have the below checklist to handle the procurement
Make sure
  1. They connect over email with your requirements, Links, Size, Color, MOQ
  2. They do a quick live call to make sure everyone is on the same page about all requirements
  3. They source international B2B sites to get a baseline price
  4. They source local B2B sites and local channel to get the First Quote
  5. They shortlist the companies we want to work with
  6. They do a registrar of companies audit check, as well as a background check of directors
  7. They order master samples at least 2 pcs one for them one for you so they have             something to compare quality
  8. They pick the vendor we want to work with, get the second quote
  9. They pay for order via our local company, so you are protected if something happens (Optional)
  10. They do Factory Audit (Optional)
  11. They do Production Audit (Optional)
  12. They receive the order at the collection center
  13. They use the master sample to QC against order
  14. They ship the order internally for international shipping
  15. They do all incoming and outgoing customs paper work
  16. They get a tax rebate for your order 12 – 17%
  17. They reorder to get a third quote