Top Private Label Brands on Amazon are Selling Electronics

A recent research says that about 10% of the Top Brands on Amazon marketplace are either private labels or exclusive deals. Followed by these reports, we at Amz Trainer who are specialised in Amazon Business training continued to research about how the brands are performing on Amazon. As such, we are able to come up with top 25 brands on Amazon for your reference, which are truly based on reviews. Note that these top brands are enjoying the luxury of no competition on this world’s largest marketplace. Now, you should be excited to know them, aren’t you? Just continue reading…

AmazonBasics top the list:

Yes, it’s obvious! Since AmazonBasics is the own brand of Amazon, it continues to be at the top of the list. Recently, Amazon has been launching several brands. But, note that they weren’t as successful as AmazonBasics. Nevertheless, the launching brands are found to be the main focus of Amazon now given that they have all the data needed to predict which products to develop.

Electronics – The Top Category:

All the research reports say that Electronics along with Cell Phones and Accessories are the most famous product categories on Amazon, although there are some exceptions like Cards Against Humanity LLC (Toys), Positively Tea LLC and Healthworks (Groceries), and NatureWise (Health and Household).

As such, we foresee that launching new products in “Electronics” section is going to be tough. As you might be aware, several established brands have a greater presence in the marketplace already and they won’t allow much room for the beginners. However, we can also notice that there are a large stream of new mobile cases and other smartphone accessories brands having entered the market now. The reason is that these are among the easiest categories of products to distinguish with choices of designs and colours. On the other hand, it’s also true that this reason is not enough to get recognised because there is simply too much of similar products and this differentiation factor is not sufficient.

Another problem with some of the brands is that they don’t have much reach outside Amazon. These brands depending on Amazon search optimisation and Amazon ads are going to add essence to this problem as they would way to out-rank them. As soon as the marketplace banned incentivized reviews, it became tougher for the brands to bootstrap without putting considerable efforts into it. But, this would promise us to create better, as well as stronger brands in the near future.

Now, find the list of top brands on Amazon with the categories below:

Brand Category
AmazonBasics Electronics
Dreem Cell Phones & Accessories
SoundPEATS Electronics
iXCC Electronics
Besdata Electronics
The Friendly Swede Cell Phones & Accessories
Positively Tea LLC. Grocery & Gourmet Food
Maxboost Electronics
POWERGEN Electronics
New Trent Electronics
Phaiser Electronics
DTOL Electronics
PThink Electronics
FanTEK Cell Phones & Accessories
Caseology Cell Phones & Accessories
Akna Cell Phones & Accessories
DaVoice Cell Phones & Accessories
Vofolen Cell Phones & Accessories
NatureWise Health & Household
TechMatte Electronics
Photive Electronics
Poweradd Electronics
Cards Against Humanity LLC. Toys & Games
PlugLug Electronics
Healthworks Grocery & Gourmet Food


From the above article, you should have understood that Amazon can’t be learning through a Simple Course. It’s a journey, which requires ongoing learning. To learn more the Amazon business for FREE, look at the Amz Trainer website.